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Относительные предложения с притяжательными местоимениями

В относительных предложениях также можно использовать притяжательные местоимения whose, whom, where.

Мы употребляем whose чтобы дать информацию о людях:
We saw some people whose car had broken down.
A widow is a woman whose husband is dead.
I met someone whose brother I went to school with.

Whom можно употребить вместо who если это дополнение:
Have you seen those people whom we met on holiday?
Who was that woman whom you were talking about.
Whom можно использовать с предлогами: "to whom", "from whom", "with whom" и т.д. :
The people with whom I work are very nice.
Мы можем опустить whom:
Have you seen those people we met on holiday?

Мы можем использовать where в относительных предложениях когда говорим о месте:
The restaurant where we had dinner was near the airport.
I'd like to live in a place where there is plenty of sunshine.
I recently went back to the town where I grew up.

Мы также используем when с временем и where с местом, чтобы было ясно, о каком времени или месте идет речь:
Do you remember the day when we got married.
The last time when I saw her, she looked fine.
Do you remember the place where we caught the train?
Amsterdam is the town where you can have a good time.
В этих предложениях можно опустить when или where.
Аналогично, мы говорим: the reason + (that/why) что-то происходит":
The reason I'm phoning you is to ask your advice.
There was the day we saw Paris for the first time.
Have you seen the place you are going to stay?