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Обороты со страдательным залогом

Некоторые слова, такие как said, alleged, believed, considered, expected, known, reported, thought, understood можно использовать в такой конструкции:

It is + past participle + that + подлежащее + do something
подлежащее + is + past participle + to + do something

Вот некоторые примеры:
The man who is living near the river is very old.
It is said that he is 98 years old. или He is said to be 98 years old.

Cathy works very hard.
It is said that she works more than ten hours a day. или She is said to work more than ten hours a day.

The police are looking for a missing boy.
It is believed that the boy is wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue shorts. или The boy is believed to be wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue shorts.

The strike started three weeks ago.
It is expected that it will end soon. или The strike is expected to end soon.

A friend of mine has been arrested.
It is alleged that he has stolen of a car. или He is alleged to have stolen of a car.

Mark has one more house situated not far from the first one.
It is said that there is a large wine cellar in the second house. или There is said to be a large wine cellar in the second house.

There was an explosion near the station.
It is reported that at least four people were injured in the explosion. или At least four people are reported to have been injured in the explosion.

(Be) supposed to

Иногда (be) supposed to означает то же, что и (be) said to:
I want to see that film. It's supposed to be good. (= it is said to be good )
Mike is supposed to have hit his wife, but I don't believe it.

Но иногда supposed to имеет другое значение. В этом случае supposed to означает, что что-то предпологается или ожидается. Обычно это не совпадает с реальной ситуацией:
What are you doing at work? You’re supposed to be on holiday.
Our guests were supposed to come at eight, but it's nine o'clock already, and they aren't here.
Vera was supposed to phone me before lunch, but she didn't.
I’d better hurry. I'm supposed to be meeting Olga in five minutes.

Выражение not supposed to означает, что этого нельзя или нежелательно делать:
You're not supposed to park your car here. It's private parking only.
Tom is much better after his illness, but he's still not supposed to work hard.