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Unless, As и As long as

Мы используем союз unless в значении "если только не".

За unless следует придаточное предложение. Вот некоторые примеры:
  • I'll see you tomorrow unless I have to work late.
  • Unless it rains, we'll go for a picnic by the river tomorrow.
  • There are no buses to the beach. Unless you have a car, it's difficult to get there.
  • "Shall I tell Liz what happened?" "Not unless she asks you."
  • Sally hates complaining. She wouldn't complain about something unless it was really bad.
  • We can go by car to the center - unless you would prefer to walk.
  • Вместо unless часто можно сказать if ... not:
  • If we don't leave now, we'll be late.

  • Мы употребляем as в значении "во время того, как":

  • We all looked at the sky as the rocket were flew above us.
  • I watched her as she opened the letter.
  • As I walked along the street, I was thinking how to make workaround in the program.
  • Can you turn off the light as you go out, please?
  • Мы также используем as чтобы сказать, что что-то произошло во время того, как мы делали что-то другое. В этом случае мы используем Past Continuous:
  • Margo slipped as she was trying to climb the stairs.
  • We met Paul as we were leaving the hotel.
  • Иногда мы говорим just as что означает "именно в этот момент":
  • Just as I sat down, the phone rang.
  • I had to leave just as the conversation was getting interesting.
  • Мы также используем as когда две вещи длительное время происходят вместе:
  • As the time went on, the weather got worse.
  • I began to enjoy the job more as I got used to it.
  • Сравните as и when:
Мы употребляем as только если две вещи происходят одновременно.
As we walked home, we talked about what we would have for dinner.
Мы употребляем when если одна вещь происходит после другой.
When we got home, we started cooking the dinner.
  • As также может иметь значение "потому что":
  • As I was hungry, I decided to find somewhere to eat.
  • As it was a public holiday last Thursday, most of the shops were shut.
  • As we have plenty of time before our flight, let's go and have a coffee.
  • Yesterday we watched television all evening as we didn't have anything better to do.
  • As I don't use TV set, I've decided to throw it away.
  • Еще вы можете использовать since в том же смысле:
  • Since we have plenty of time, let's go and have a coffee.
  • Сравните as и when:
I couldn't contact David as he was away on holiday and he doesn't have a mobile phone. David's passport was stolen when he was away on holiday.
As they lived in the same region as we lived, we used to see them quite often. When they lived in the same region as we lived, we used to see them quite often.

    As long as, so long as, providing (that), provided (that), все эти выражения означают "если" или "при условии, что". Выражения с providing (that) и provided (that) звучат более официально.

  • Например:
  • You can borrow my car as long as (so long as) you promise not to drive too fast.
  • Travelling by car is convenient provided (providing) that you have somewhere to park.
  • Provided (Providing) the bills are paid, tenants will not be evicted.
  • Обратите внимание, что когда мы говорим о будущем, мы не употребляем will, а используем настоящие времена:
  • You can stay here as long as you keep quiet.
  • Providing the weather is good, we're going to have a picnic.