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Going to


Мы употребляем going to когда хотим сказать, что кто-то уже решил и намеревается сделать что-то. Это просто план на будущее.
"Are you going to sit at computer late tonight?" "No, I'm going to have an early night."
"I hear Sarah has won some money. What is she going to do with it?" "She's going to buy a new car."
I'm just going to make a quick phone call. Can you wait for me?
This cheese looks horrible. I'm not going to eat it.

Going to также можно употребить чтобы сказать, что что-то произойдет в будущем. Зная ситуацию, вы как-бы предсказываете будущее.
Look at those black clouds! It's going to rain.
I feel terrible. I think I'm going to be sick.
The economic situation is bad now and things are going to get worse.

I was going to do something означает, что я собирался сделать что-то, но не сделал.
We were going to travel by train, but then we decided to go by car instead.
My brother was going to do the exam, but he changed his mind.
I was just going to cross the road when somebody shouted "Stop!"

Мы также употребляем was going to чтобы сказать, что что-то должно было быть, но не произошло.
I thought it was going to rain, but it didn't.
You were going to meet Jane yesterday. Why she had to take a taxi?