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Enough и Too

Enough ставится после прилагательных и наречий.

  • Let's go. We've waited long enough.
  • I'm not experienced enough to apply for the job.

Too ставится перед прилагательными.

  • You never stop working. You work too hard.
  • If the cable is too long, shorten it.
  • Enough обычно идет перед существительными:
  • I can't run very far. I haven't got enough energy.
  • We've got enough money. We don't need any more.
  • Заметьте, мы говорим:
  • We didn't have enough time.
  • There is enough money.
  • Можно употреблять enough без существительного:
  • We don't need any more money. We've got enough.
  • Мы используем too с much и many:
  • There's too much furniture in this room.
  • Too many times I've been trying.
  • Мы говорим enough/too ... for somebody/something:
  • We haven't got enough money for a holiday.
  • He is experienced enough for the job.
  • This shirt is too big for me. I need a smaller size.
  • Также можно сказать enough/too ... to do something. Например:
  • We haven't got enough money to go on holiday.
  • He is experienced enough to do the job.
  • The bridge is just wide enough for two cars to pass each other.
  • Вот еще примеры:
  • The food was so hot that we couldn't eat it.
  • The food was too hot to eat.
  • These boxes are too heavy to carry.
  • This chair isn't strong enough to stand on.